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I created Chains Off Media for rising entrepreneurs who aren't simply looking to build a business, but rather scale an influential brand. 

Simply trying to fit it is not an option anymore! It's time you take your chains off and step into who you are meant to be. 


Breaker of Chains, Mother of Stories

Queen of the Branding Realm


I'm Alexandra - Story Strategist, Brand Coach & Designer 

And since leaving my unfulfilled marketing job behind to travel the why and reconnect with my purpose​, my vision has been to build up a meaningful life, filled with moments of joy and human connection, one day at a time.

That's what I want for you too: to follow your passion and unlock the endless energy that comes from living on purpose. I believe that energy comes from something you're being pulled by, not something you're pushing on.

I'm here to help you transform your business from one-of-the-many to the leader-of-your-niche, the only way you can these days, through the power of human connection.


My clients are passionate humans who love to positively impact people's lives. As their coach, I help them unchain their authenticity, craft their powerful story, and brand themselves to success.  

As for professional qualifications? Armed with a degree in International Sales and Marketing, my true education comes from over 7 years of Communication, Marketing, Web Design, and Photography work. I specialize in human connection and cultures, speak 4 languages, lived in 7 countries, and traveled to 25+. 

Whether it’s Rebranding, Masterminding, or Coaching, we will never start without a discovery session. Know that our journey together is curated for YOU.

That's the official part. For the behind-the-scene fun, hop on the ride below. 



Coaching Program

Show up authentically, tell your story in a magnetic way, know your ideal clients inside-out, curate their journey and experiences with your brand, and craft a straight-forward, powerful marketing strategy to drive it all forward.


TAKE YOUR CHAINS OFF! Go 360° without feeling overwhelmed. Use a proven system and get personal coaching while you build the business of your dreams.  


Just a pretty website is not enough anymore. People are becoming more distracted every day, and have to break through the noise and position yourself as an authority.


Each piece of your brand’s design is there to offer your ideal clients experiences and delight them on their journey of becoming loyal to your brand.

Website & Visual Design 



Iris Iacob,

Personal Stylist &Image Consultant

Before working with Alexandra, I was feeling overwhelmed, swimming in tons of ideas, and did not know where to begin and definitely couldn’t see how this would go.


During the time she was my coach, I can say that she has been so involved and dedicated to knowing me and what my goal and story is, always asking the right questions and giving just the brilliant advice you need. She has the ability to objectively consider your goals and what you’re trying to build, and then she turns those attributes into a plan of action that is clear, easy to follow, and extremely effective.

I can finally say that my business represents my authentic self, aligns with me 100%,  and is sharing my message with the world.